Traditional Cohare List

The hares who've had the shame of haring with Golden Showers
Hasher Name EventNumber Location
Nipple Rash 477 Yellow Springs
Dah Gimp 485 Jacoby Canoe Launch
Can't Fuckin Copulate 490 Yellow Spring OH
Jump & Hump 511 Yellow Springs
Dah Bitch 518 Closed Bowling Alley
Slippery Asshole 540 Duff's
Dah Bitch 554 Boxer Short Pub Crawl, Hospice of Dayton
Slippery Asshole 556 Cadillac Jack's
Hot Tub Slut 568 2nd Street Market
Mystic Blow 568 2nd Street Market
Slippery Asshole 578 Airway Shopping Center
Termite 602 Gispert Memorial S Dixie & Dorothy
Hot Tub Slut 779 Trolley Stop
Goose Bumps 805 P Head's 700th Hash
Hot Tub Slut 805 P Head's 700th Hash