Cohare List (All Hashes)

All Hashes

The hares who've had the shame of haring with Twisted
Hasher Name EventNumber Location
Quarter Barrel 725 Ned Peppers
Penis Head 734 Gran Rio
Quarter Barrel 739 Christ Church
Penis Head 747 Barrel's, Forest Ridge
Quarter Barrel 749 750 Weekend Friday
Undercovers 767 6619 Morrell Dr
Goose Bumps 768 Homers, Fairborn Plaza
Baby Snatcher 784 Christ Worldwide
Penis Head 784 Christ Worldwide
Quarter Barrel 787 QB's 10th Analversary Germantown Reserve
Baby Snatcher 801 Mejier on Harshman
Goose Bumps 810 Oakes Quarry Park
Undercovers 811 West Carrollton Municipal Parking Lot
Hare Ball 817 Hangover Hash Meijer Harshman
Panty Remover 817 Hangover Hash Meijer Harshman
Penis Head 817 Hangover Hash Meijer Harshman
Short n Sassy 817 Hangover Hash Meijer Harshman
Undercovers 823 Dizzy Jim's
Undercovers 835 E Dixie Dr
Baby Snatcher 849 21 st Weekend Friday
Baby Snatcher 837 Wedding Hash, Twisteds
Penis Head 837 Wedding Hash, Twisteds
Undercovers 853 Poe Ave
Goose Bumps 852 WalMart
Baby Snatcher 860 FM El Toro, Harshman Rd
Hunts Head 866 Soft Rock Cafe
Goose Bumps 893 Cadillac Jack's
Undercovers 894 Twisted Undercovers Dayton Mall