Cohare List (Non Hyper Hashes)

Non Hyper Hashes Only

The hares who've had the shame of haring with Quarter Barrel
Hasher Name EventNumber Location
More Leggs 427 Northtown Shopping Center
Looney Toon 432 China Buffet
More Leggs 435 Wegerzen Horticultural
Nipple Rash 453 FM Patterson Park Church
Porkless 458 Krogers Northwest Plaza
Jump & Hump 468 Sycamore Park
No Balls 474 Fairhaven Church
Nipple Rash 479 Elizabeth Hoy,
Catwoman 493 FM Airway SC
Dah Gimp 495 Dixie Drive In
Can't Fuckin Copulate 500 Edelweiss Club
Penis Head 500 Edelweiss Club
Penis Head 513 Woodcock Way
Hot Tub Slut 523 Green Dress Hash
Slippery Asshole 539 Emerald Shiggy
Hot Tub Slut 543 Valley Vineyards
Hot Pocket 548 Hara Arena (Shilo Springs Baptist Church),
Porkless 559 Centinnial Park
Quick Fire 572 Rex's on Needmore
Drilled Sergeant 582 Nash Hash - Saturday
Hoof 'n Mouth 582 Nash Hash - Saturday
More Leggs 582 Nash Hash - Saturday
Porkless 582 Nash Hash - Saturday
Slippery Asshole 582 Nash Hash - Saturday
Hot Tub Slut 587 Valley Vineyard
Hot Tub Slut 594 Pearl Harbor Hash, VA Med Cntr
Slippery Asshole 598 Ober Field Park
Barrel Roll 599 Doc's White Front
Jump & Hump 599 Doc's White Front
Just Dave Bogrees 599 Doc's White Front
Wedgie 599 Doc's White Front
Prof Felcher 619 Sugarcreek Reserve
Panty Remover 621 Hash n Crash
Penis Head 621 Hash n Crash
Hot Tub Slut 628 Wine Fest
Barrel Roll 634 Webster Street Market
Jump & Hump 648 St Patrick's Hash,
El Douche Bag 655 Wright Memorial
Jump & Hump 670 669 Weekend Sunday
Hot Tub Slut 674 Winefest
Porkless 675 Fraze Pavilion
Bermuda Triangle 680 Fox Light
Goose Bumps 680 Fox Light
Goose Bumps 686 Shroyer & Forest Park
Porkless 696 Need-1-More, Easter Hash
Hot Tub Slut 700 SPRING FORMAL
Short Round 709 Ohner Pack Methodist Church
Hot Tub Slut 715 Lebanon, OH
Elvis 721 WSU, Raider Road Parking Lot
Twisted 725 Ned Peppers
Elvis 729 John Bryant Park
No Balls 733 Flanagan's
Twisted 739 Christ Church
Scum Sucking Fecal Feeliac 748 Cub Foods, Trotwood
Twisted 749 750 Weekend Friday
Hot Tub Slut 762 Winefest SCH4 (Joint),
Hyper-Hand Job 762 Winefest SCH4 (Joint),
Serving Seamen 766 Horace Mann School Halloween
Elvis 770 Home Depot
Poison Nut 772 Christmas Lights
Goose Bumps 774 Hangover Hash, Park Layne
Undercovers 780 Hadley Watts School
RU Wet Yet? 781 Mt Calvary Lutheran Church
Twisted 787 QB's 10th Analversary Germantown Reserve
Elvis 795 20th Analversary Woodland Cemetery
Elvis 794 20th Analversary Woodland Cemetery
Head Wetter 796 Goodwill, Kuntz Rd
Panty Remover 796 Goodwill, Kuntz Rd
More Leggs 814 3520 West Siebenthaler
Bitch Whisperer 820 Wright Elementary
Aching Ass 821 Flanagan's
Penis Head 832 Southdale School
El Douche Bag 850 21 st Weekend Saturday
Elvis 850 21 st Weekend Saturday
Head Wetter 850 21 st Weekend Saturday
Penis Head 850 21 st Weekend Saturday
Penis Head 839 Newcome park - Oregon District
Elvis 844 14th Red Dress Hash - 258 Wyoming St
Hellbound 844 14th Red Dress Hash - 258 Wyoming St
Porkless 855 Big Lots, North Dixie Dr
No Balls 859 American Sales
Penis Head 871 Jamestown Plant
Strap On Santa 871 Jamestown Plant
RU Wet Yet? 874 Forest Park
Slobbering Wet 874 Forest Park
Penis Head 878 22nd Analversary
No Balls 904 Southparl Tavern, Wayne Ave
Penis Head 913 Kroger's Dayton-Xenia Rd
RU Wet Yet? 916 Marriott
No Balls 918 Bergamo
Padiddle 929 Campout Weekend
Penis Head 929 Campout Weekend
Head Wetter 943 Vandalia
More Leggs 962 Northtown Shopping Center
Penis Head 963 680 Northwoods Blvd
RU Wet Yet? 984 Forest Field, Centerville
Porkless 997 Paradise Key Cafe
Bermuda Triangle 1003 25th Saturday Trail
Head Wetter 1003 25th Saturday Trail
Padiddle 1003 25th Saturday Trail
Penis Head 1003 25th Saturday Trail
Cut & Run 1005 Englewood Plaza
More Leggs 1013 Dayton Canoe Club
Y=Pi 1013 Dayton Canoe Club
Ball Smasher 1031 Beavercreek Station
Paralympdick 1031 Beavercreek Station
Cums in Spurts 1040 Indian Riffle Park
Padiddle 1040 Indian Riffle Park
Shamcock 1041 Ticket's
More Leggs 1057 Irish Club, Dog Leg Rd
Porkless 1057 Irish Club, Dog Leg Rd
8 Balls 1068 Sycamore State Park
More Leggs 1079 Fairview UMC, Dayton
Porkless 1079 Fairview UMC, Dayton
Goes Down Dirty 1089 Glaser St
I Munch Skins 1089 Glaser St
Bermuda Triangle 1098 4-H Camp Clifton
RU Wet Yet? 1103 Meijer, Col Glenn
Goes Down Dirty 1108 Oberer Field
Head Wetter 1118 El Toro, Vandalia
Penis Head 1118 El Toro, Vandalia
Dah Gimp 1143 Oregon District
I. M. Cumming 1143 Oregon District
Porkless 1150 Spitfire Grill
Don't Give a Blow 1158 DeWeese Park
One Way 1162 Washington Township Rec Center
Bermuda Triangle 1174 Bob Evans
I. M. Cumming 1195 Warped Wing
Bermuda Triangle 1197 Camp Graham
Cock in a Box 1197 Camp Graham
El Douche Bag 1197 Camp Graham
Elephant Drunk Ass 1197 Camp Graham
Penis Head 1197 Camp Graham
Porkless 1197 Camp Graham
Sir Pees a Lot 1197 Camp Graham
Tiny Tool 1197 Camp Graham
Venereal Disease 1197 Camp Graham
Skin to Win 1201 Rivers Edge Canoe
Skin to Win 1220 TJ Chumps
Penis Head 1225 Eintracht German Club
Boneless 1243 Walmart
Penis Head 1243 Walmart
Pull & Pray 1266 Fairborn YMCA
Slap Ya Mama 1266 Fairborn YMCA
Catwoman 1279 Hadley E Watts Middle School
Penis Head 1279 Hadley E Watts Middle School
Porkless 1305 Harco Center
I. M. Cumming 1312 Hairless Hare