Cohare List (Non Hyper Hashes)

Non Hyper Hashes Only

The hares who've had the shame of haring with Tiny Tool
Hasher Name EventNumber Location
Bermuda Triangle 910 MicroTel, Linden
Padiddle 931 Lofino's Plaza
Tool Box 931 Lofino's Plaza
Born InBred 954 John Hole School
Tiny Heinie 954 John Hole School
Tool Box 954 John Hole School
Tiny Heinie 960 Lonfino' Plaza
Tool Box 960 Lonfino' Plaza
Tiny Heinie 966 Burger King on Indian Ripple Rd near Green
Tool Box 966 Burger King on Indian Ripple Rd near Green
Padiddle 967 Bike Path Hazzar Memorial
Born InBred 973 Huffman Reserve
Tiny Heinie 973 Huffman Reserve
Tool Box 973 Huffman Reserve
Born InBred 992 Waldruhe Park, State Route 741
Tiny Heinie 992 Waldruhe Park, State Route 741
Pole Dancer 1001 Mad River Road
Tiny Heinie 1001 Mad River Road
Padiddle 1009 Agape Church, Dayton-Xenia
Padiddle 1022 Fairfield School
Bermuda Triangle 1039 Lewis Creek Ct., Xenia
Padiddle 1039 Lewis Creek Ct., Xenia
I. M. Cumming 1045 Pontecorvo Ballet
Pole Dancer 1045 Pontecorvo Ballet
Tiny Heinie 1045 Pontecorvo Ballet
Padiddle 1050 Mt Zion
Pole Dancer 1054 Centerville Square
Tiny Heinie 1054 Centerville Square
Dah Gimp 1075 Warped Wing Brewery
I. M. Cumming 1087 Springboro Junior High School
Padiddle 1091 Russ Research Center
Padiddle 1095 Grace Church
Dah Gimp 1122 Warped Wing
Bermuda Triangle 1128 Medlar Park
Cock-a-Noodle 1128 Medlar Park
I. M. Cumming 1134 Sugar St., Germantown
Dreams of Dick 1155 Campioni's Pizzeria
Missionary Impossible 1155 Campioni's Pizzeria
Pole Dancer 1164 Dark Horse Tavern
Tiny Heinie 1164 Dark Horse Tavern
I. M. Cumming 1188 Sycamore State Park
More Leggs 1188 Sycamore State Park
Undercovers 1194 2nd Street Market
Bermuda Triangle 1197 Camp Graham
Cock in a Box 1197 Camp Graham
El Douche Bag 1197 Camp Graham
Elephant Drunk Ass 1197 Camp Graham
Penis Head 1197 Camp Graham
Porkless 1197 Camp Graham
Quarter Barrel 1197 Camp Graham
Sir Pees a Lot 1197 Camp Graham
Venereal Disease 1197 Camp Graham
Undercovers 1227 Menards
Bitch, Moan, & Wine 1237 Dayton Beer Company
Dah Gimp 1237 Dayton Beer Company
Bermuda Triangle 1242 Mueller Roofing
Porkless 1242 Mueller Roofing
I. M. Cumming 1248 Sycamore State Park
Just Korra Thomas 1248 Sycamore State Park
Swizzle Sticks Before Chicks 1248 Sycamore State Park
Fresh Step 1303 Sharts
I. M. Cumming 1303 Sharts
Jolly Green Giant Boobs 1303 Sharts
Swizzle Sticks Before Chicks 1303 Sharts
Jolly Green Giant Boobs 1370 Kings Table