Cohare List (Non Hyper Hashes)

Non Hyper Hashes Only

The hares who've had the shame of haring with Aimless Amy
Hasher Name EventNumber Location
Mad Max 24 Stebbins High School
Eat Shit and Die 36 Elsa's Far Hils
Hogs Breath 62 John Bryant State Park
Mad Max 82 Ye Olde Trail Tavern
Mad Max 88
Mad Max 93 Skyborn Drive-In
Mad Max 126 Powell Park, East Fairborn
Mad Max 139 Ye Olde Trail Tavern YS
Mad Max 144 Cincinnati Heart Mini
Mad Max 160 Glen Helen Riding Center and Nature Preserve
Mad Max 168 Skyborn Skateland
Mad Max 170 John Bryan State Park
Mad Max 207 Street Orient
Mad Max 240 Yellow Springs Municipal Building
Mad Max 257 Yellow Springs cabooses