The List of Hashes

The hashes Y=Pi has hared

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1410 No Miami University Middletown Wearin' o' the Green 2020/03/14 (Sat) Middletown
1392 No Eastmont Elementary Art Appreciation 2019/11/16 (Sat) Dayton
1274 No Home of Y=Pi and H&R 21st Amendment Hash (joint with SCH4) 2017/12/05 (Tue) Cincinnati
1233 No Murphy's Landing Middletown Green Dress 2017/03/18 (Sat) Middletown
1231 No Englewood Metropark The “0! 0!” birthday hash of Y=Pi and More Leggs 2017/03/11 (Sat) Dayton
1198 No Camp Graham USA Nash Hash Fat Boy Trail 2016/08/07 (Sun) Clarksville
1120 No 4th & Plum Green Dress 2015/03/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
1106 No Wyoming Civic Center 21st Amendment Hash 2014/12/05 (Fri) Cincinnati
1071 No Toys R Us Groundhog Hash & Wedding Hash for Scarred for Life and Ditch the Bitch 2014/02/01 (Sat) Miamisburg
1034 No Flanagan's Green Dress Run 2013/03/16 (Sat) Dayton
1013 No Dayton Canoe Club 18th Red Dress Run 2012/09/15 (Sat) Dayton
993 No Fairborn High School DH3 #993 2012/03/31 (Sat) Fairborn
958 No Dayton-Xenia Rd DH3 #958 2011/05/17 (Tue) Beavercreek
921 No Newcomb Park, Oregon District DH3 #921 2010/07/10 (Sat) Dayton
885 No 15th Red Dress Hash @ Jeeze's Pub 15th Red Dress Run 2009/08/29 (Sat) Newport
867 No Casey D's Tavern DH3 #867 2009/03/17 (Tue) Cincinnati
755 No Successful Ln DH3 #755 2006/08/09 (Wed) Fairborn