The List of Hashes

The hashes Sir Squirtsalot has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1429 No Newcom Park Hot Tub Hash 2020/10/16 (Fri) Dayton
1428 No Empty lot on Edgefield St. Saturday Hash 2020/10/03 (Sat) Moraine
1427 Yes Town & Country Shopping Center October Hyper Hash 2020/10/01 (Thu) Dayton
1426 No Heritage Oak Park Talk Like a Pirate Hash 2020/09/19 (Sat) Mason
1425 No Spring Lakes Park Butt Pimple Awareness 2020/09/17 (Thu)
1424 No Montgomery County Education Side Quest Hash 2020/09/05 (Sat) Dayton
1423 No Pinnacle Park Bridges of Montgomery County 2020/09/02 (Wed) Moraine
1422 No Burnet Woods Red Dress Run 2020/08/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1421 No Belmont High School Squirts' Analversary Trail 2020/08/22 (Sat) Dayton
1420 No Church of the Cross New Moon 2020/08/18 (Tue) Kettering
1418 No Parking lot between Taco Bell and Erma's Dayton Strong 2020/08/03 (Mon) Dayton
1417 No Bowers Lake Park Deja Vu Hash 2020/07/25 (Sat) Englewood
1413 No O'Reilly Auto Parts / The Laundry House 33rd Analversary of the DH3 2020/06/27 (Sat) Kettering
1412 No Oakes Quarry Park Full Moon 2020/06/22 (Mon) Fairborn
1409 No Cleveland Elementary Wormwood Moon 2020/03/09 (Mon) Dayton
1408 No Russ Research Center Slap’s Anal Mardi Gras 2020/03/07 (Sat) Beavercreek
1405 No Maggie's Place Shigfest for Porkless’ 600th 2020/02/09 (Sun) Dayton
1404 No Dayton Raiders Aquatic Center Valentine’s Day Hash 2020/02/08 (Sat) Beavercreek
1403 No Springboro Amphitheatre A Little (De)Tour of Springboring, Ohio 2020/01/25 (Sat) Springboro
1401 No Thomas Cloud Park A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 2020/01/11 (Sat) Huber Heights
1400 No Chambersburg Rd, Huber Heights DH3's 1400th Trail 2020/01/09 (Thu) Dayton
1397 No FIDO and Beamer's house Post-Christmas Christmas Lights Hash 2019/12/26 (Thu) Dayton
1395 No FSB Help’s 100th with 2 Virgin Hares 2019/12/11 (Wed) Dayton
1393 No Greenmont Village Greenmont Hash 2019/11/25 (Mon) Kettering
1392 No Eastmont Elementary Art Appreciation 2019/11/16 (Sat) Dayton
1390 No Clearcreek Park Saturday Hash 2019/11/02 (Sat) Franklin
1387 No Woolpert Parking Lot 4th Anal World Peace Through Beer 2019/10/19 (Sat) Beavercreek
1385 No Frickers Get Funky Day 2019/10/05 (Sat) Dayton
1383 No Englewood Metropark Quarter Barrel's Revenge 2019/09/21 (Sat) Englewood
1381 No State Farm Park Red Dress Run 2019/09/07 (Sat) Kettering
1380 No Cinemark Dayton South Boneless and Dirty's Excellent Adventure Trail 2019/08/29 (Thu) Dayton
1379 No Coy Middle School Shiggy Summer Hash / OHIH 2019 Saturday 2019/08/24 (Sat) Xenia
1378 No Greater Works Christian Church St. Arnolds Day Good Beer Hash 2019/08/14 (Wed) Dayton
1377 No Baker Bowl 2nd Anal Don’t Die 2019/08/10 (Sat) Middletown
1376 No Meyers Printing & Design Alberto Esteban Ignacio Gispert (hash name G) Birthday 2019/07/31 (Wed) Dayton
1375 No Celtic Fest DH3 Celtic Hash 2019/07/27 (Sat) Dayton
1374 No Kiser Elementary Taco Tuesday 1369 + a Handy 2019/07/16 (Tue) Dayton
1370 No Kings Table Tornado Charity 2019/06/16 (Sun) Beavercreek
1369 No Buck Creek State Park Dirty MunchSkins Death March 2.0 2019/06/15 (Sat) Springfield
1367 No Dale’s Truck Parts 12th Anal Nature Immersion 2019/06/01 (Sat) Cedarville
1364 No Colonial Park West Holy Trilogy Star Wars Hash 2019/05/04 (Sat) Lebanon
1363 No Shoup Mill Corporate Center Make hOOters Great Again 2019/05/03 (Fri) Dayton
1361 No Old Kroger Fairborn P. Head and Cat’s 22nd 2019/04/19 (Fri) Fairborn
1358 No RiverScape MetroPark Year in Review, Spring Formal & Bye Russian 2019/03/23 (Sat) Dayton
1357 No The Barrel Spring Equinox 2019/03/20 (Wed) Springboro
1356 No Happy Hollow Inn Green Dress 2019/03/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
1354 No Apple Valley Office Park Slap's Anal Mardi Gras Hash 2019/03/05 (Tue) Beavercreek
1352 No Kitty Golf Two Old Guys’ Birthdays 2019/02/18 (Mon) Dayton
1350 No Hintermeister Park New Moon 2019/02/04 (Mon) West Carrollton
1349 No Forest Field Park Blizzard/Onesie Hash 2019/01/26 (Sat) Centerville
1346 No JD Legends Full Moon Joint with SWOT 2019/01/06 (Sun) Franklin
1345 No Demmit Elementary School New Year's Day Hangover Hash 2019/01/01 (Tue) Vandalia
1335 No Ron Kehl Park Christmas Lights 2018/12/15 (Sat) Bellbrook
1334 No Deweese Park Moon Hash 2018/12/06 (Thu) Dayton
1332 No Mack's Tavern Black Friday 2018/11/23 (Fri)
1331 No ABC Supply HGIU Virgin Hare 2018/11/17 (Sat) Huber Heights
1330 No Idle Hour Swim Club New Moon 2018/11/07 (Wed) Dayton
1329 No Hills & Dales Metro Park Blow’s Birthday Hash 2018/11/03 (Sat) Kettering
1328 Yes Iron Horse Park Full Moon Hyper 2018/10/24 (Wed) Centerville
1327 No Yellow Cab Tavern Dia de Los Muertos 2018/10/21 (Sun) Dayton
1326 No Catholic Social Services World Peace Through Beer 2018/10/20 (Sat) Dayton
1325 No Karohl Park New Moon 2018/10/08 (Mon) Beavercreek
1323 No 4th & Plum Apartments Red Dress Run 2018/09/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1321 No Jimmy’s Ladder 11 Tutu Hash 2018/09/22 (Sat) Dayton
1317 No Hintermeister Park Don’t Drown Hash 2018/08/25 (Sat) Dayton
1316 No J and J Enterprises OHIH Sunday Hangover 2018/08/19 (Sun) Greenville
1315 No J and J Enterprises OHIH Shooting Star / Midnight Nekkid 2018/08/18 (Sat) Greenville
1314 No Old Train Depot, Greenville OH OHIH Saturday Main Event 2018/08/18 (Sat) Greenville
1313 No Shawnee Prairie Preserve OHIH Friday 2018/08/17 (Fri) Greenville
1311 No Mack’s Leopard Print Hash 2018/08/11 (Sat)
1308 No Dayton Beer Company Celtic Fest DBC 2018/07/27 (Fri) Dayton
1306 No Spring Valley Wildlife Area Parking Shoo Fly 2018/07/12 (Thu) Waynesville
1305 No Harco Center Normal 2018/06/30 (Sat) Englewood
1304 No Tippecanoe Family Aquatic Center Tipp City Full Moon 2018/06/27 (Wed) Tipp City
1303 No Sharts Tiny and Jolly Swizzle Cumming Birthday 2018/06/16 (Sat) Springboro
1302 No Rocky's Pizza Ring Rocky’s Last Round 2018/06/13 (Wed) Dayton
1298 No Woodman KMart Redneck Heaven in Riverside 2018/05/15 (Tue) Dayton
1295 No Dayton Canoe Club Spring Formal - 80's Prom 2018/04/21 (Sat) Dayton
1293 No Oak Creek South Park 3rd Anal Unholy Trinity 2018/04/07 (Sat)
1290 No Goebel Park Green Dress Run 2018/03/17 (Sat) Covington
1288 No Northwood Elementary School Normal 2018/03/10 (Sat) Dayton
1287 Yes Wandering Griffin Full Moon Hash 2018/03/01 (Thu) Beavercreek
1284 No Cadillac Jacks - Fairborn Valentine's Day Hash 2018/02/10 (Sat) Fairborn
1283 No Community Park Full Moon 2018/01/31 (Wed) Springboro
1281 No Wings Sports Bar and Grille New Moon + Optional Beer Tasting 2018/01/16 (Tue) Dayton
1279 No Hadley E Watts Middle School Hangover Hash 2018/01/01 (Mon) Dayton
1278 No Eastwood Metro Park NYE 40 Toes Hash 2017/12/31 (Sun) Dayton
1277 No Red Carpet Tavern Swizzlemark's Ugly Sweater Hash 2017/12/30 (Sat) Dayton
1276 No Safari Hideaway Kettering Pajama Birthday Hash 2017/12/17 (Sun) Dayton
1275 No John F Kennedy Park Christmas Lights Hash 2017/12/16 (Sat) Kettering
1273 No Queen of Martyrs Catholic Church Porkless and Hot Tub Slut Turn 500 2017/12/03 (Sun) Dayton
1272 No Eintracht German Club Birthday Hash 2017/12/02 (Sat) Dayton
1268 No Charles Huber Elementary Full Moon 2017/11/03 (Fri) Dayton
1266 No Fairborn YMCA Halloween Hash - New Moon 2017/10/20 (Fri) Fairborn
1262 No Madden Park Full Moon 2017/09/20 (Wed) Dayton
1261 No Dayton Beer Company DH3/SCH4 Red Dress Run 2017/09/09 (Sat) Dayton
1260 No State Farm Park, Kettering, OH State Farm Park - Full Moon 2017/09/05 (Tue) Kettering
1258 No Russ Nature Preserve Great American Eclipse Hash 2017/08/21 (Mon) Beavercreek
1257 No Mack's Tavern Elephant Day 2017/08/12 (Sat)
1255 No Grant Park Not Your Mother’s Grant Park Run 2017/07/29 (Sat) Dayton
1254 No John Wolfe Park FIDO and 8-Balls Birthday Hash 2017/07/23 (Sun) Trotwood
1253 No Max's Pawn Shop Short ‘n’ Sassy’s 200th Hash & 75th Birthday 2017/07/15 (Sat) Springfield
1251 No Adventures on the Great Miami Dayton 30th Canoe Craze Campout 2017/07/01 (Sat) Tipp City
1250 No Oak Creek Plaza DH3 30th Analversary 2017/06/28 (Wed) Kettering
1248 No Sycamore State Park Birthday Hash 2017/06/17 (Sat) Trotwood
1247 No Ohio Renaissance Festival OHIH Fat Boy Trail 2017/06/11 (Sun) Waynesville
1246 No Ohio Renaissance Festival OHIH 2017/06/10 (Sat) Waynesville
1245 No Ohio Renaissance Festival OHIH Friday Night Trail 2017/06/09 (Fri) Waynesville
1243 No Walmart DH3 #1243 2017/05/25 (Thu) Dayton
1241 No Valle Green Park Fairborn Full Moon 2017/05/10 (Wed) Fairborn
1239 No Rice Field Miamisburg New Moon 2017/04/26 (Wed) Miamisburg
1238 No Forest Park Plaza Earth Day Earth Day 2017/04/22 (Sat) Dayton
1237 No Dayton Beer Company Historical Photo Hash 2017/04/10 (Mon) Dayton
1236 No Newcom Park Hot Tub Hash & Skin to Win 100th-ish 2017/04/08 (Sat) Dayton
1235 No Capri Lanes Kettering DH3 #1235 2017/03/27 (Mon) Dayton
1234 No Town & Country Kettering Lampshade Hash 2017/03/25 (Sat) Dayton
1232 No Amber Rose DH3 #1232 2017/03/12 (Sun) Dayton
1230 No Willies Sports Bar & Grille 2nd Annual Mardi Gras Hash 2017/02/26 (Sun) Xenia
1228 No Rotary Park Valentine's Hash & Gispert Memorial 2017/02/11 (Sat) Dayton
1227 No Menards Anal Year In Review 2017/02/10 (Fri) Miamisburg
1225 No Eintracht German Club QB's 600th 2017/01/27 (Fri) Dayton
1224 No Leiwing Park West Carrollton DH3 #1224 2017/01/14 (Sat) West Carrollton
1223 No Kmart Woodman Full Moon 2017/01/11 (Wed) Dayton
1222 No Oregon District Hangover Hash 2017/01/01 (Sun) Dayton
1221 No Indian Riffle Park New Year's Eve Pre-Lube Hash 2016/12/31 (Sat) Kettering
1218 No Walnut Hills Park Cold Moon 2016/12/13 (Tue) Dayton
1217 No Fairgrounds Park Hares B'day Hash 2016/12/03 (Sat) Xenia
1216 No Good Shephard Lutheran Double Pumped 2016/11/29 (Tue) Kettering
1215 No Hazy Shade NFHN Hash 2016/11/19 (Sat) Dayton
1214 No The Tile Shop Mega Beaver Moon 2016/11/14 (Mon) Centerville
1212 No Bill Yeck Park Hash-o-ween 2016/10/30 (Sun) Dayton
1210 No Dayton Peace Museum World Peace Through Beer 2016/10/22 (Sat) Dayton
1209 No Russ Engineering Center Beer and Chocolate Sweetest Day Hash 2016/10/16 (Sun) Dayton
1208 No Buck Creek State Park Renegade Invades Dayton 2016/10/08 (Sat) Springfield
1207 No Belmont High School New Moon 2016/09/30 (Fri) Dayton
1205 No Parking lot at 12th & Sycamore Red Dress Run 2016/09/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
1204 No Washington Park DH3 #1204 2016/09/16 (Fri) Dayton
1203 No Research Park Drive DH3 #1203 2016/09/10 (Sat) Dayton
1202 No Oak Creek South Park New Moon 2016/09/01 (Thu)
1201 No Rivers Edge Canoe DH3 #1201 2016/08/27 (Sat) Waynesville
1200 No Washington Township Rec Center Full Moon 2016/08/19 (Fri)
1197 No Camp Graham USA Nash Hash Saturday Trail 2016/08/06 (Sat) Clarksville
1196 No Camp Graham USA Nash Hash Friday Trail 2016/08/05 (Fri) Clarksville
1195 No Warped Wing Nash Hash Pre-Lewd 2016/08/04 (Thu) Dayton
1194 No 2nd Street Market Celtic Festival 2016/07/30 (Sat) Dayton
1193 No Richfield Ctr. Drive DH3 #1193 2016/07/17 (Sun) Dayton
1192 No Oak Creek Park DH3 #1192 2016/07/16 (Sat) Dayton
1191 No Dayton Xenia Road Independence Hash 2016/07/04 (Mon) Beavercreek
1190 No Fifth Street Brewpub Scavenger Hunt Hash 2016/07/02 (Sat) Dayton
1189 No Eastown Shopping Center Full Moon 2016/06/20 (Mon) Dayton
1188 No Sycamore State Park Birthday Hash 2016/06/18 (Sat) Trotwood
1187 No Victoria's Secret New Moon 2016/06/05 (Sun) Kettering
1186 No Lofinos Summer Hash 2016/06/04 (Sat) Dayton
1184 No First Baptist Crowned Hash 2016/05/21 (Sat) Beavercreek
1183 No Dayton Canoe Club Spring Formal 2016/05/07 (Sat) Dayton
1179 No The Gathering Church Kilted Hash 2016/04/09 (Sat) Dayton
1177 No Carillon Park DH3 #1177 2016/03/26 (Sat) Dayton
1176 No Petrikis Community Park Worm Moon 2016/03/23 (Wed) Bellbrook
1175 No Flanagan's Wearing of the Green 2016/03/12 (Sat) Dayton
1173 No Lucky Dog Grille DH3 #1173 2016/02/29 (Mon) Mason
1171 No El Rancho Kettering DH3 #1171 2016/02/22 (Mon) Kettering
1170 No W.O.Wright's (OH) / Tadoo Lounge (KY) Valentine's Day Hash / HAH3 Red Dress 2016/02/13 (Sat) Beavercreek
1169 No Capri Lanes New Moon/Chinese New Year (the year of the Monkey) 2016/02/08 (Mon) Dayton
1168 No Patterson & Shroyer DH3 #1168 2016/01/30 (Sat) Dayton
1167 No Nicks Bar Xenia Mardi Gras Hash 2016/01/24 (Sun) Xenia
1165 No Oak Creek Swim Club DH3 #1165 2016/01/10 (Sun) Dayton
1164 No Dark Horse Tavern Barrel Roll Memorial Hash 2016/01/02 (Sat) Miamisburg
1163 No Van Atta Park Hangover Hash 2016/01/01 (Fri) Dayton
1162 No Washington Township Rec Center Christmas Lights Hash 2015/12/27 (Sun) Dayton
1160 No Beavercreek Spicer DH3 #1160 2015/12/11 (Fri) Beavercreek
1159 No Fairborn HS Tri-Birthday Hash 2015/12/05 (Sat) Fairborn
1156 No Carillon Park New Moon/Veteran's Day Hash 2015/11/11 (Wed) Dayton
1154 No Warped Wing Day of the Dead Hash 2015/11/01 (Sun) Dayton
1152 No E. J. Nutter Park DH3 #1152 2015/10/24 (Sat) Beavercreek
1145 No Larosas Centerville Old Farts Hash 2015/09/12 (Sat) Centerville