The List of Hashes

The hashes HyAnnis has done

Hash Number Type Location Description Date City
1425 Regular Spring Lakes Park Butt Pimple Awareness 2020/09/17 (Thu)
1423 Regular Pinnacle Park Bridges of Montgomery County 2020/09/02 (Wed) Moraine
1372 Regular Southdale Elementary Southdale New Moon 2019/07/02 (Tue) Kettering
1302 Regular Rocky's Pizza Ring Rocky’s Last Round 2018/06/13 (Wed) Dayton
1241 Regular Valle Green Park Fairborn Full Moon 2017/05/10 (Wed) Fairborn
1237 Regular Dayton Beer Company Historical Photo Hash 2017/04/10 (Mon) Dayton
1168 Regular Patterson & Shroyer DH3 #1168 2016/01/30 (Sat) Dayton
1122 Regular Warped Wing Historical Photo Hash 2015/03/28 (Sat) Dayton
1121 Regular Wilmington Heights Shopping Center New Moon 2015/03/20 (Fri) Kettering
1119 Regular Abuelos Beavercreek Full Moon 2015/03/05 (Thu) Dayton
1104 Regular Germantown Metropark Fall ShigFest 2014/11/08 (Sat) Germantown
1089 Regular Glaser St Full Moon 2014/07/11 (Fri) Fairborn
1081 Regular Dayton Beer Company May Day Hash 2014/05/01 (Thu) Dayton
1075 Regular Warped Wing Brewery Joint DH3/SCH4 St. Patty's Hash 2014/03/15 (Sat) Dayton
986 Regular Grant Park, Vampire Hash DH3 #986 2012/01/21 (Sat) Dayton
981 Regular Breitenstrater Square Shopping Center DH3 #981 2011/12/12 (Mon) Dayton