The List of Hashes

The hashes Spongejob Sugar Bush has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1478 No Wilson Park & Wilson Park Pool Laborless Labor Day 2021/09/06 (Mon) West Carrollton
1477 No Tom Cloud Park DH3 Run #1477 2021/09/04 (Sat) Huber Heights
1476 No Bock Family Brewing Joint w/ Unmasked TuTu Hash 2021/08/22 (Sun) Dayton
1475 No Carmody Park, Franklin, OH Hash & Float 2021/08/21 (Sat) Franklin
1473 No Empty lot near Amelia Avenue and Meigs ST. 39 Regular Hash 2021/08/07 (Sat) Dayton
1472 No Parking Lot Behind 1336 Woodman DR, Dayton , A Garlicy Saturday 2021/07/24 (Sat) Dayton
1471 No Help’s Blast from the Past Full Moon 2021/07/23 (Fri) Huber Heights
1470 No Panty Remover’s Farm Morning After Fat Boy 2021/07/11 (Sun) South Charleston
1469 No Panty Remover’s Farm Farm Frolic and Campout 2021/07/10 (Sat) South Charleston
1468 No Drive-In New Moon 2021/07/09 (Fri) Dayton
1467 No Triangle Park 34th Analversary 2021/06/26 (Sat) Dayton
1466 No Eudora Brewing Co. Full Moon 2021/06/24 (Thu) Dayton
1465 No Russ Research Center Last Minute Shit Show 2021/06/12 (Sat) Dayton
1464 No Big Industrial Building New Moon Attack of the Killer Cicadas 2021/06/09 (Wed) Dayton
1463 No Basore Road Grace Brethren Church Blowjob Hash 2021/05/29 (Sat) Dayton
1462 No Spoken Bicycles in Middletown Full Moon in Middletown 2021/05/25 (Tue) Middletown
1461 No Eastwood Park Saturday Hash 2021/05/15 (Sat) Dayton
1460 Yes Spoken Bicycle in MIddletown New Moon Hyper 2021/05/11 (Tue) Middletown
1459 No Apple Valley Office Center Spring Trail 2021/05/01 (Sat) Beavercreek
1458 No Corporate Way, Centerville Full Moon 2021/04/26 (Mon) Dayton
1457 No SWO building Earth Day 2021/04/17 (Sat) Dayton
1456 No Huffman Lake New Moon 2021/04/11 (Sun) Dayton
1455 No Kettering Central Park Trail & Beer 2021/04/03 (Sat) Kettering
1454 No Beachler Park Hot Tub Day 2021/03/28 (Sun) Miamisburg
1453 No Fricker's on Woodman P. Head's Urban Adventure 2021/03/20 (Sat) Dayton
1452 No Fairborn Digital Academy Pi Day 2021/03/14 (Sun) Fairborn
1450 No Taylorsville Metropark Blue Heron Lot Saturday Hash 2021/03/06 (Sat) Vandalia
1449 No Zoom Full Moon Music Bingo 2021/02/26 (Fri)
1448 No Breitenstrater Square Saturday Hash 2021/02/20 (Sat) Dayton
1447 No Community First Pharmacy Gispert Memorial 2021/02/11 (Thu) Middletown
1446 No Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza Saturday Hash 2021/02/06 (Sat) Kettering
1445 No Vandalia Recreation Center Full Moon Hash 2021/01/28 (Thu) Dayton
1444 No Haworth Ct, Troy Saturday Hash 2021/01/23 (Sat) Troy
1443 No Flanagan's Pub New Moon 2021/01/12 (Tue) Dayton
1442 No Old Kroger parking lot Birthday Hash 2021/01/09 (Sat) Centerville
1440 No Flanagan's Pub Swizzle's a Grandpappy Again! 2020/12/29 (Tue) Dayton
1439 No Art Van Atta Park Candy Cane Hash 2020/12/26 (Sat) Dayton
1438 No Butler High School New Moon 2020/12/14 (Mon) Vandalia
1437 No Central & Water parking lot Xmas Lights 2020/12/12 (Sat) Miamisburg
1436 No Newcom Park Full Moon 2020/11/30 (Mon) Dayton
1435 No Wedgewood Park Saturday Hash 2020/11/28 (Sat) Fairborn
1434 No Carmel's Moon 2020/11/16 (Mon) Dayton
1433 No Germantown MetroPark Fall Shigfest 2020/11/14 (Sat) Germantown
1432 No Foys Halloween Hash` 2020/10/31 (Sat) Fairborn
1431 No Fifth Street Brewpub GPS Hash 2020/10/29 (Thu) Dayton
1430 No American Legion Post 675 World Peace Through Beer 2020/10/17 (Sat) Dayton
1429 No Newcom Park Hot Tub Hash 2020/10/16 (Fri) Dayton
1428 No Empty lot on Edgefield St. Saturday Hash 2020/10/03 (Sat) Moraine
1427 Yes Town & Country Shopping Center October Hyper Hash 2020/10/01 (Thu) Dayton
1426 No Heritage Oak Park Talk Like a Pirate Hash 2020/09/19 (Sat) Mason
1425 No Spring Lakes Park Butt Pimple Awareness 2020/09/17 (Thu)
1424 No Montgomery County Education Side Quest Hash 2020/09/05 (Sat) Dayton
1423 No Pinnacle Park Bridges of Montgomery County 2020/09/02 (Wed) Moraine
1422 No Burnet Woods Red Dress Run 2020/08/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1420 No Church of the Cross New Moon 2020/08/18 (Tue) Kettering
1418 No Parking lot between Taco Bell and Erma's Dayton Strong 2020/08/03 (Mon) Dayton
1417 No Bowers Lake Park Deja Vu Hash 2020/07/25 (Sat) Englewood
1416 No Sycamore State Park Horse Camp Mosquito Moon 2020/07/20 (Mon) Trotwood
1415 No Phillips Park GPS Hash 2020/07/11 (Sat) Beavercreek
1414 No Sugarcreek Target (No) Canoodling Day 2020/07/06 (Mon) Dayton
1413 No O'Reilly Auto Parts / The Laundry House 33rd Analversary of the DH3 2020/06/27 (Sat) Kettering
1412 No Oakes Quarry Park Full Moon 2020/06/22 (Mon) Fairborn
1410 No Miami University Middletown Wearin' o' the Green 2020/03/14 (Sat) Middletown
1409 No Cleveland Elementary Wormwood Moon 2020/03/09 (Mon) Dayton
1408 No Russ Research Center Slap’s Anal Mardi Gras 2020/03/07 (Sat) Beavercreek
1407 No Old AT&T building on Woodman New Moon Hash 2020/02/24 (Mon) Kettering
1406 No Wright Brothers Institute 2nd Street Best Brew Tutu Hash 2020/02/22 (Sat) Dayton
1405 No Maggie's Place Shigfest for Porkless’ 600th 2020/02/09 (Sun) Dayton
1404 No Dayton Raiders Aquatic Center Valentine’s Day Hash 2020/02/08 (Sat) Beavercreek
1403 No Springboro Amphitheatre A Little (De)Tour of Springboring, Ohio 2020/01/25 (Sat) Springboro
1402 No Front Row Bar & Grill 1/4 Barrel Revisited 2020/01/23 (Thu) Dayton
1401 No Thomas Cloud Park A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 2020/01/11 (Sat) Huber Heights
1400 No Chambersburg Rd, Huber Heights DH3's 1400th Trail 2020/01/09 (Thu) Dayton
1399 No Osborn Park Hangover Hash 2020/01/01 (Wed) Fairborn
1398 No Bermuda and Padiddle’s house College Football Mania 2019/12/28 (Sat) Dayton
1397 No FIDO and Beamer's house Post-Christmas Christmas Lights Hash 2019/12/26 (Thu) Dayton
1396 No North Broadway Park Dreaming of a Shiggy Hash 2019/12/14 (Sat) Trotwood
1395 No FSB Help’s 100th with 2 Virgin Hares 2019/12/11 (Wed) Dayton
1394 No Carriage Hill Farms, Cedar Lake Shelter Anal Birthday Trail 2019/11/30 (Sat) Dayton
1393 No Greenmont Village Greenmont Hash 2019/11/25 (Mon) Kettering
1391 No Fifth Third Gateway Park Veterans Day Full Moon 2019/11/11 (Mon) Beavercreek